9 « She and he »

Песни разделённой любви in English and Russian

9.1 Introduction (Time for story-telling)

It's so beautiful outside,
it's so beautiful
and I want to be with you
when it's so beautiful
I want to share with you
my feelings of this weather
and I want so much
this time to last forever
to last forever

The flowers everywhere
are in bloom and smelling so nice
the sky is blue and clear,
such a pleasure for your ears and eyes
it's neither hot nor cold,
it's almost like in heaven
So please take a seat,
tune in and we will have it
we will have it.
It's time for story telling. 

9.2 What I’d Like To Know

What I'd like to know is
Have you ever been kissed?
Have you ever been touched?
Gm Gdim/Am->Dm
This I'd like to know so much.

Dm Gm,7+,7
And I would mind if
Gm6 7+ 7 6
Your reply would be brief.
Gm6 Gm7 A7sus A7
But I just want you to be
Gm7 A(Adim) Dm/D,C,B,Bb(G,F,D)
Honest and sincere with me.

Tell me what disturbs your heart?
Why you feel uneasy now?
I know that I am not as smart.
But maybe I can help somehow.

I met you just a while ago
I wish I knew more than I do
I really want those things to know -
I feel that I'm in love with you...

Em Em7 A A7
D D#dim/D## H7 Hdim/C
Em Em7 A A7

Fdim/F F#7
G7 Edim/E

D74 G7+ Edim/E 

D A#dim Em A 
A Edim D D 
D A#dim Em C 
Edim Hm 
G Edim 
G Edim Em A     

9.3 Beauty and Beast

I know you`ll be never mine
I know that it`s sad but true
I know that you even won`t find out
How much,
how sincerely I love you

It's only in fairy tales
The things happen as you wish them to
But in real life it's not the same
The beast
never finds a girl like you.
A girl like you.

Oh, o-oh. Oh..

Of course, somewhere long ago
I was naive and young.
I read a lot of happy sort of
stories about love.
But I grew older, things grew tougher
and I saw some years after
that it`ll never be like there,
it`ll never be the same.
It`ll never be the same
as in those old kind fairy tales

Verse 1 (singing as 2)

Verse 2 (singing as 1).

I need you
I want you

9.4 Strange Disease

Am G Dm
And nothing else can be done
Dm Am
than leave herself on her own
Am G Dm
Let tears of rain, smile of sun
Dm Am
inhale the breath in her soul

E Am G F E
Since I don't know it's you or me
Since I don't know it's he or she
E Am G F E
I can't tell anything of this strange, very strange disease
I would give her all I can do

But I can't do this, and it's true

All I can
is to pray
that the sun-rays
would melt smile
at her face
smile at her face
at her face.

Once she was flower of white
Now she is fading away
Shadow of a pain in her eyes
She becomes weaker each day.

And I don't know what's going go on
How to stop it and what is wrong
I'm torn apart
when I think of her tender heart
All my efforts will be in vain
They will just aggravate her pain
So I go
and I pray
that the sun-rays
would melt smile
at her face
smile at her face
at her face.


Verse 1

inhale the breath in her soul
inhale the breath in her so-ul

9.5 From Romance To Philosophy

C F 
I need somebody loving me 
C A Dm 
I need someone to share my hope and pain 
G C 
I cannot stand no more the life alone 
E7 Am 
So abandoned in this world 
Dm Fdim C F#dim C 
E Am Am Dm E Am (D) G 
I do need somebody by my side 

But when I find someone like you 
who is so kind, so tender, so sincere 
I get so scared that it's not for me 
you must be already somebody`s 
or that you will be gone one sunny day 

Oh, Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ... 

And then it will be even worse 
'Cause in addition to the loneliness 
I`ll feel the loss of you as of my hope - 
Hope to find someone who loves 
Life would lose then all its sense for me. 

So what I want? - nobody knows. 
A peace of mind or restless sleepless nights? 
It's time to come up with an idea 
Which would allow me to live here. - 
Mind determines what a flesh would be. 

Oh, Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh ... 

9.6 She Doesn’t Want It

C C 
She doesn't want it, no 
D D 
So please leave her alone 
Dm Dm 
And don't bother her 
G79 G## G 
With your annoying signs of love 

She has another 
There are some other 
So, don't be silly 
And do not waste your time with her 

R1: Cm 

And please don't look so sad, so sad 
You should be glad 
You should be gla-a-ad instead, 
F Fm 
Cause she inspired you for song 
And didn’t obliged you 
Fm G7 
to anything at a-all. 


R2: And now you're free, you can shout and scream 
And you can do whatever you would only dream 
You can put music on and sing along 
And maybe even write 
a very descent song! 

She doesn't want it / Oo-ooh la-la-la / oh, this love… 

9.7 You Are The One!

I looked for someone to love me 
And now I know that you are the one 
I want you to be 
Days and nights with me 
Share all the beauties of life 

And now we`ll be together 
And now we'll like a one 
Whatever will be 
Most likely will be 
Which means we`ll be in love till the end of our day 

I want you to be 
Days and nights with me 
I'm true when I say 
that I will love every day 
But if you don't care 
But if you don't care tell me so 
It will be so hard 
For my heart 
But I will go 

And then I'll find somebody else 
The one who will treasure my love 
Who'd love to be helped 
And who`d love to help 
The one I can rely on 

And then I will be ha-a-appy again 
and she`ll feel very sad 
She'll love to come back 
and be love to be mine 
But no that's so sad 
that I won't change my mind 

You want now to be 
Days and nights with me 
I know your are true 
when you say that you love me too 
But those days are gone 
And we will be apart 
I thank you for all you have done - 
This song will stay in my heart! 
Verse a(b) 

F D H Em D A (Dm) 
R: Dm D#7 D7 
Dm E0 A 
Gm A7 
C0 H7 

9.8 On a lazy afternoon (Was it real?)

On a lazy afternoon
When you hold my hand in your hand 
No you didn't understand 
What you did - you've broken my heart 

    When you looked in my eyes 
    Talking to me so softly 
    And you could not disguise 
    What a feeling you brought to me 
    I realized in the moment - 
    I caught by your love 

On a lazy afternoon 
I confessed to you that I love you 
And you told me that you love me too 
And you knew that this was just the start 

And the sky was so blue 
And the grass was so soft and 
the words "I love you" 
where spoken and spoken 
as we plunged ourselves in the depth
of the abyss of our love. 

On a lazy afternoon 
You where in my heart and in my legs (hands) 
And I did not notice when 
You vanished in the heat of summer day 

I was all by myself 
in a total confusion 
What was it? Was it real? 
Or it was my illusion? 
I was there all alone, bare naked 
with my broken heart. 

On a lazy afternoon... 
Am F Bb7 F Am 
Am Fm A7 Dm 
F Fm E 

9.9 For Every Girl and Boy

Every girl is waiting for someone to come 
To kiss her, to hug her and make some love. 
And if she is just standing all on her own, 
Don`t doubt it she doesn't want to be alone 

    So, come and get her 
    Common, and take her! 
    Of course, be kind, polite, considerate, respect her. 
    she may know it yet 
    but She'll learn it later 
    And maybe then she will remember this day through all her life! 

And the same is with guys, they're all much the same, 
Nobody would like him be the one to blame 
That he feels so sad, he feels so alone 
When he is just standing all on his own 

    So, do not waste your time 
    Just come to him and smile 
    And you will see how fast how gently you can change his mind 
    And he will follow you 
    And you may like it too, 
    And maybe then, who knows, you'll end up with a happy life. 

9.10 He and She

She was happy and he was happy 
Living lives and being busy 
Having job that satisfied 
their feelings and their needs. 

Many people would be jealous 
knowing where they worked as well as 
seeing how they lived and travel 
being best in their deeds. 

    But sometimes something inside 
    told them that not all was right 
    There was something deep inside 
    Something they were thinking of 

    And they would not sleep at night 
    thinking about their lives 
    there was something missing there 
    And this something was their love. 

They always knew what they liked to do 
and they liked what they were doing too 
They knew how to find their way 
in the turmoil of rushing days. 

And the days were passing by 
With a guitar here am I 
making up for you this story. 
Is there something I forgot to say?!.. 

    But sometimes (but sometimes) 
    Something inside (something inside) 
    being hide (being hide) 
    and cannot be denied (and cannot be denied)... 

1: C#m A F#m F#dim A B-A-G##    

9.11 Rose In a Bud

E E7+ C#m7 C#m Cm Hm 
She's such a cool lady 
Hm Hm7 E Eaug 
She'll never be alone oah-oh-oah 
A A7+ F#m F#m7 
That's what we think but maybe 
Hm Hm7 E Eaug 
That's not the case at all-oah-oh-oah 

A A7+ F#m Fm#7+ F#m Fm Em 
Everybody tries to be with her 
Em F#7 F## 
Everybody tries to talk with her 
Hm Hm7+ Bdim F#7 
And nobody would ever guess 
Hm (Hm7+) 
she doesn't like men 
E E 
Oh, no 
Em Em 
Oh, yes 

She's such a cool lady 
she'll always be the same 
years only make her better 
she`s like a rose bud which doesn't die in flame 

She attracts everybodys' minds 
with the beauty of her sad blue eyes 
But nobody will ever see 
her real beauty / this flower blooming 
Oh, yes / Oh, no 

9.12 Last Goodbye

I know that I 
Just need you like 
Like never I 
C#7 Fm Fm 
Like never I have done before 
I got so close to you 
I love you more and more 
With every single day 
E74 G#7 
With every single hour 

But now it's time 
To say Goodbye 
I know that's sad 
But that's how things are going 'round 
Sometime you feel so bad 
Sometime you're falling down 
D#74 G#7 
But then you rise again 
Dm7 D#74 
And then you see how high 
You are!! 

So, let me go 
And tell "hello" 
C## C#7 
To you some other time, I don't know when though 
Just tell me that you love me 
That you'll always will 
Just tell me so 
Adim G## 
And I will go 
happily away 
Gm Bdim 
And maybe never see you again 
Cdim Eb7 
For tomorrow never knows...