Learning and using R - together in National Capital Region

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“Learning R together” (Building Covid App from scratch). Session 1 : 2020-04-29

1:00 - introduction and logististics (please post questions in chat and by email)

6:30 - overview of pages that I’ll be using in these Wed sessions

10:00 - showing how to start Tutorials that are included in rstudio.cloud

14:00 - Creating your own first project (e.g. to visualize Covid data)

15:20 - Copyng a line from readCovidJHU.R (which reads US .csv data from JHU using fread() ) into my R Script

16:00 - copying libraries from readCovidCanada.R (which we discussed in previous sessions) into my R Script

18:00 - installing missing libraries

19:00 - showing my RStudio on my home machine [ My setup is the same, but I used Dark colour Scheme]

20:00 0 going back to cloud RStudio

21:00 - yellow line on top shows all packages that are listed in the code and that are not installed yet. You can click there to install them all. [ I don’t do it beause it will take long time, please do it on you own]

22:30 - going through the functionalities of the iTrack Covid app

25:00 - Talking about data challeges:

27:00 - continuing looking int the functionalities of the iTrack Covid app

29:00 - Running sessionInfo() in cloud session: it shows 3.6.0 which is older then the version I have my home computer

29:30 - note for CBSA. R was approved by IT and it’s great. You can use not only for Excel, but also for word. In fact, I used all the time for writing my text

30:00 - Creating new -> RMarkdown

31:00 - Kniting a document

33:30 - trick to show the Table of Content

35 - review of what we did - created a file and added a line to read a file from JHU

See you next time! We’ll start from this line.